Friday, July 1, 2011

Crossing it off the List!

Today I was looking at my Eleventy before 30 list and realized I had checked a few things off without realizing it. I must say I felt a great sense of accomplishment and allowed myself a little gloat because it is the only thing I have accomplished in the last three weeks. So I'm celebrating. But just in my head, because I'm too broke to celebrate outwardly. Oh hey! Guess what! Rent's due today... So that's fun.
But really, looking over my list I'm happy. I have completed seven out of the 39 items on my list, and will soon complete at least two more, joining a book club and meeting a fellow blogger in real life (yay Brittany!) (and maybe three, if I get that job I really want to get - prayers and crossed fingers are accepted!). Which means in half a year I have (or will soon) completed nine tasks, putting me way ahead my goal. Of course the tasks I have accomplished have been the easier tasks (except, hey there friends, losing two dress sizes is anything but easy!), but maybe the momentum behind these will thrust me into completing the others.
Let's recap. Since starting my journey to Texas I have crossed off:
Psychic reading - This was a very silly endeavor in which I stumbled down Bourbon Street and caught a glimpse of a man setting up shop on the sidewalk. Palm Readings?? Yes, please! And so I plopped down as the chubby fellow with long hair and soft hands examined my left palm. I had a long life line, I would marry well and we would only separate upon his death. I would meet my husband in a learning environment and we will be blessed with three children. My career would have something to do with education or health. I have had three past lives (something I don't believe in at all). In two I was a stay at home mom, and in my last life I was a kindly gentleman. I giggled through most of it because really, how much can you believe of a man reading palms on the side of Bourbon Street? But I keep thinking about it and wondering when on earth I'll meet my husband.

Attend a music festival - Madic and I attended the Keep Austin Weird Festival last weekend. I loved the bands, got a terrible sunburn and free sunglasses from

Visit New Orleans - it was a silly time.

Sing Karaoke - This was a big deal for me. As outgoing as I am, as much as I really don't care how bad my singing voice is, I always, always chicken out. In the past month I have had three opportunities to sing karaoke and while all my friends stepped up to the mic, I stayed on the floor in front of the stage cheering them on. But finally, in New Orleans, where anything goes apparently I stepped up to the mic, not once, but twice. And it was horrible. Dreadful. I cannot sing. I think I scared some patrons out of the bar. Good news however, now I can say I have done it and I never have to do it again. Hurray.

Lose two dress sizes - this happened almost by accident. It came from being broke, so not snacking ever and eating very small portions. Also, I am unemployed so have to do something to fill my day and find myself at the gym every day, so much that it has started to become an obsession, and luckily, is paying off.

I am so excited to continue checking things off, starting next week at my first book club meeting (we read The Help) and when Brittany finally moves to Austin, and hopefully starting a nine to five job!

Tell me, do you have a list? Have you checked anything off lately?


  1. That's me! That's me!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  2. Wow girl! Nice work on the goals, dropping the two dress sizes is impressive on it's own!!! The palm reading cracked me up! haha

  3. Congrats on crossing things off your list! And I look forward to more fun Austin posts as I think I'll be there for a couple days next April :)

  4. Visiting from 20sb. I love that you're crossing things off, almost by accident, it seems. I think that goes to show your list is super practical. I'm working on mine, too, and crossing a happy number of items off my 30 before 30 list. I'm so getting there. I think I have 11 crossed off and the remaining 19 to complete by January. Eek! I need to pick up the pace.


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