Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Favorites of the Week

Happy Friday friends! Although the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms all day we are enjoying warm weather, a bit of sun, and a slight breeze that keeps sweeping beautiful aromas into my office. I have gone outside to slip my feet out of my flats and gripped the green grass in my toes, reveling in the tiny hint of summer.  It's a feeling that overpowers the fact that I am working all weekend.

I want to welcome all of my new readers, I am so glad you came to visit! It warms my heart! If you are new please leave me a comment so I can come and visit your blog!

Today I have some wonderful posts from the past week, featuring some of my favorite bloggers and even a few blogs I just found this week. I hope you enjoy!

This Girl's Journey: Things I have Learnt While Traveling - I have traveling on the mind this week! And I completely agree with some of the things she wrote (some things I have yet to experience... like Italy!).

Get The Words Out: 5 Loves on Monday - You should probably know that if there is a post that has anything to do with Jane Austin in my little blog-o-sphere it will wind up here. Yes, I'm that kind of girl.

Riding Giraffes in Stilettos: Things I know for sure - Another "things I know for sure" post, this time from one of my favorite blogs in all the world - Precious and Jemily have perfected the "champagne lifestyle, lemonade money" way of life.

Confessions of a Love Addict: If the World Ends  - I don't really believe the world is going to end tomorrow (do you?) but it's interesting to think about what it would mean, what today would be like, if it really did.

I <3 Vegetables: 5 day challenge - $2 a day - I think it is so wonderful she took up this challenge and brought awareness to all of the hungry out there.

Hope Dies Last: Quiver - I felt like she was writing as me. Can anyone say, "The Boy"

Wine Will Fix It: Into the Tea Leaves - I love this little story.

40:20 Vision: Who are the Real Relationship Role Models? - I am very blessed to have my parents as wonderful role models, as well as B1 and E, married 8 years now, young but strong.

What was your favorite from the week?


  1. great links. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi there! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now; thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce myself. Thanks for sharing links of your favourite blogs. Love reading/meeting new bloggers! :)

  3. Hi! Thank you for saying 'hello!' I'm so glad you like it, and I'm so glad you're here!

  4. Happy Friday to you. We had HOT weather today. I usually take my grand daughter on a walk but we only went out briefly and stayed in the house where it was cool most of the day. I've had the pleasure of enjoying so many favorite blog posts from others this week and since we're grand-child-less this weekend, I hope to read a lot more.

  5. thanks for the shout out Annie!
    just read your "I just want to travel" post (i'm playing catch-up, sorry) and it's funny but this weekend my uncle asked me when i was going to settle down and meet a guy and i said "i just want to meet someone who loves to travel, like me! is that too much to ask?" haha, great minds :) it's weird, the only time i feel "at home" is when i'm in a foreign country...go figure! yours in wheelie bags, airplane food and staying forever young, x P

  6. Hi Annie! WPW! I love the Hope Dies Last: Quiver - You have a really nice taste of blog. I've been blogging for quite a long while but haven't really had a chance to meet people who do the same thing that I love. I'm you follower now and I'm definitely looking out for more of your posts. Hope we could exchange links too.



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