Saturday, January 22, 2011


Saturdays are spectacular. Even though I never get Friday or Saturdays off I am determined to make Saturdays feel like a weekend. Since my shift does not begin until 2:30 p.m. I purposely sleep in on Saturdays. Most days I like to get up, run, shower, make phone calls (usually to my school to deal with awful things like financial aid), maybe prepare dinner for the crock pot, and maybe run some errands. But Saturdays I will do no such thing.
I get one day off a week, Sundays. On Sundays I get up early to shower, eat breakfast, and head to church. After church is a lot of chatting, maybe a trip to the bagel place, which lasts almost two hours (a post on that to come) and when I finally get home there is laundry to do, and then my parents want to talk business all night. Not much of a day off in my opinion.
So Saturdays I sleep late (9:30 usually) head downstairs in my p.j.'s, make myself a cup of coffee, snuggle up on the couch near the fire with my iphone and call my niece in Copenhagen. After that chat, which always leaves me laughing (even if my brother points out the planet of a pimple on my forehead... there are pros and cons to this facetime thing) I break out my sudoku, and have breakfast (which, if I'm lucky, is made by my mother) and another cup of coffee.
This morning was just like that. I tackled a few sudoku problems, chatted with my mom and sisters, and then we were inspired to watch Funny Girl. I didn't get off the couch until one o'clock. It was perfection. After that kind of morning, I almost don't mind working on a Saturday night.

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