Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why are you single?

Today a man asked me "How's a girl as gorgeous as you still single?"
First of all, I'm not saying I'm gorgeous. I'm not. I just have days when everything seems to work. Those days are few and far between. But I don't think I'm bad looking either.
Anyway, I hate that question. I used to get it a few years ago, and I had an easy answer. Because I wasted two years on a douche bag boyfriend and I'm not ready to get into a new relationship.
But now? Three years later and still single, I have no f'n clue! Honestly, do not ask me that kind of question. What do you want me to say?
Um, because I'm the "marrying kind" and all the guys I meet are the "let's just hook up for a bit" kind. Because guys are afraid of my gigantic family. Because I'm a dreamer? Because I do not want to live in the same place for the rest of my life? Because I get hung up on guys like Penn, who obviously are not ready for any sort of relationship yet still make butterflies erupt every time I hear their voice? Because I have trust issues after Lucifer, so when a guy starts to like me I run for the hills? Because I live in the middle of f'n nowhere???
I don't know why I'm single! Believe me, if I could figure out the reason, don't you think I would fix it?

But instead, I smile, give a little fake laugh, and say "Oh I don't know, all these boys are crazy I guess..." And then try to get away because he's an old man and he's sort of, kind of hitting on me, and I don't like that.

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  1. I hate that question! I just want to say, "Gee, I don't know...maybe we should talk about it some more because I'm SURE that will make me feel better! Stupid people!


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