Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Could it be Cabin Fever?

Everything is boring me lately. Everything. I am bored with this town, I am bored with this job, I am bored with some of my friends. I'm even bored with some of the bloggers I follow. But there is no reason for it. Especially the bloggers, they are still shelling out brilliant snippits that make me giggle uncontrollably. But even when I'm giggling I quickly sigh and scroll through the rest of their post and then move on. Huge sigh. It is too cold to adventure outside. The snow isn't deep enough to do anything with, yet it lingers. Everyone is holed up in their houses. We all wear black, and we all feel blah. We need sunshine.
The only jolt of excitement I get (which isn't even really excitement, just a jolt above mundane) is the email conversation Madic and I have going - we're just sending little bits of information about Austin back and forth in anticipation of our move.
The emails are hilarious. Short and sweet, and full of information that no one else would really think relevant, just further proves why Madic and I have been best friends since the sixth grade. We understand each other. The emails started out with just web addresses, barely any commentary save "I'm in love" or "check it out!" The first website he sent was for a completely gluten free sandwich shop (www.wildwoodartcafe.com - sounds amazing!)
The other emails were about how he wanted to work at an old bookstore and I told him how I pictured us like little bohemians in a little apartment I had found. We spend our days scouring the website for jobs, apartments, and figuring out which neighborhood best suits our personalities.
It sometimes seems to be the only thing that gets me through the day, especially when it is 3 degrees with a windchill of -5 and the snow goes on for miles and miles. I am done with snow. I am done with the cold, I am done with not being able to wear pretty things, I am done with slipping on ice.
As I have said before, I was not born to live here. I have never enjoyed skiing. I like to sled and snowshoe, but you can only do that so many times. Living in a place where winter is the majority of the year is just not ok with me.
So I look ahead to Austin with great longing and a little lust. And in the meantime send Madic pictures of our possible new homes and plan how we're going to get his hot dog stand down there.

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