Friday, February 18, 2011

I should get a button, or a token, or something!

Today marks the seventh full day of being facebook free. Boy has it been a struggle.
Isn't that the most pathetic thing you've ever read? Going a week without facebook has been a struggle! Which is exactly why I deleted my facebook.
I had become obsessed. I checked it a hundred times a day, I never actually signed out of it, just kept it in the background. And I became an expert stalker. There would be times where I would realize that I was on a friend of a friend of a friend's page looking at their pictures from July. What had I become?
I knew it was getting bad when I would be having a real life conversation and would want to reach out and click an imaginary "like" button when they said something that made me laugh, or was just plain brilliant. But the final straw? I got on one day to look at some pictures and the picture viewing feature had changed. Another thing changed.
I am young and should be able to bounce back from changes, quickly adapt, that sort of thing... but I just cannot do it with facebook. Each change gets me more annoyed. Last week I was grumbling over how they changed the way you can handle Events, making it really difficult to contact everyone who was invited. I was managing my restaurant's facebook page and getting extremely frustrated when I couldn't update the guests. So that was it, I was finished.
And I've done it! One week!
I am sure I will go back at some point, I realized a little too late that I do not have some of my Copenhagen friends' email addresses or skype names... so no way to contact them. And I am moving again, so my mother will want to stalk every bit of my life.
But for now, I am facebook free, and feeling oh so proud!


  1. I use facebook everyday... I know that sounds bad, but I keep my friends list small. I do a purge once a year where I get rid of people I haven't talked to since the last purge. I really only use it to keep in contact with friends and organize events. Other than that I find it a big sink hole of wasted time. I hate farmville and those other shitty little facebook games.

  2. I'm the same way, I go through my friends list every few months and delete... but even though I keep my friends list down to only my friends, it gets out of hand.
    And now I waste my time on blogger :)


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