Saturday, February 19, 2011


My parents are the greatest. Maybe everyone thinks this. Maybe no one does. I certainly didn't in high school. I thought they were horrible people who must have had terrible childhoods so they didn't want me to ever have fun, ever. Looking back I laugh at the way I was in high school.
High school was actually amazing. I traveled by myself to France. I was able to skip school any time we had tickets to a Red Sox game, and skipped two weeks of school to make my first (of many) trips to Copenhagen. They let me make every major life decision for myself. Of course they would discuss decisions with me, but ultimately I had the final say. I find that I am most fortunate to have parents who let me make my own mistakes, to come up with my own life.

Many of my friends, and some people I've met along the way, have been extremely surprised that I have done what I have done "Your parents are ok with this?" I, in turn am flabbergasted when I learn that their parents chose their college, that there is no way they can go abroad because their parents want them to finish college in four years. My parents have never decided where I was going to live, go to school, or travel. They have never pressured me into finishing college - although they have voiced their opinions, and we've had long discussions.  They let me choose my path in life.

Although taken aback when I first told them I was deferring acceptance to the college I had fought long and hard to get into, they supported my decision to work a little. When I decided I was done working and wanted to volunteer abroad, they stayed up nights with me calling the U.S. Embassy in Kenya. When I decided to go to the college my boyfriend attended, they told me it wasn't a good idea, but it was my mistake to make. They taught me to deal with the consequences.

Because of that mistake, and a million other bad experiences that happened over the two years I was in college, I quit and headed to Europe. They supported me (not financially, just "we believe in you") throughout. They were happy I was able to experience Europe, happy I was close to my niece, but most of all happy I was happy. When things started to fall apart last September, they supported my decision to move home.

I am often in awe of the way my parents handle each of their children. With a brood of eight extremely different personalities, you would think they would go crazy. Instead they handle each "I've decided to move to Texas!" "I have this great idea for a new business, we're going to be rich!" "Hey, do you guys think I can move home for a bit, it will just be for a few months, maybe half a year, I swear!" "There's this boy in my class who is uber cute, but oh my gosh, Tori likes him too and she is so not playing fair." with grace and laughter.

I'm the one who has decided to move to Texas. My best friend and her family are staying at my inn this weekend and this topic has made me once again thank God for my parents. When I told them I was interested in looking into moving to Austin, my mom at first replied with an exasperated "Not again!" But after a talk, "If you feel like this is where you'll be happy, and you'll be able to get a good job and have a good place to live, then you should do it. But please do not fall in love and decide to stay in Texas forever!"
Mom has a terrible fear that she will never be near her grandchildren, since the first two are in Copenhagen and B2 lives on the opposite side of the country.
Anyway, I told Tine I was planning on moving to Texas, and thought maybe she could do her MIT program there. Her mother had a fit. There was no way her daughter was moving to Texas. Was I insane? Were my parents insane? Tine looked at me with an expression that said it was never going to happen. I sulked.
But no, I do not think I am insane. I have always wanted to live in Texas. As of April I will be unemployed, I am single, I am young, and Madic is moving there and asked me to go with him. This is my opportunity, why would I pass it up?

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  1. you go girl, life is way to short, grab it while you can


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