Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little bit

I sneeze a lot.
I have moss colored eyes. But the pretty kind of moss, not the brown moss. They become emerald like when I cry.
I tend to giggle uncontrollably, frequently at the dinner table.
When I am pensive or bored my tongue curls up in my mouth.
I dislike everything about my hair.
My brothers are all short and have small feet - compared to an average man. I am tall and have big feet - compared to an average woman. We are all around the same height and shoe size.
One of my pet peeves is dirty ears. It makes me queasy to see someone with visible ear wax. - I just shivered thinking about it.
I like to paint my toe nails bright green. No it does not look like my toes are covered in fungus. It's a pretty green.
I do not like to paint my fingernails, but I like to keep them long and shaped nicely.
I make up an alternate life in my head constantly. One where I have a completely different style of dress, live in a cute little vintage inspired home, and drink tea all the time. I told Madic that is what our life will be like in Austin.
I am in love with cowboys - perhaps that's why I feel so drawn to Texas?
I want to be a child forever but becoming an adult intrigues me.
When I was nineteen I pierced my nose. But because I sneeze all the time (never a gross snotty sneeze, just a dainty little achoo) I never got used to it and finally pulled it out. I miss it, it was fun.
I have had many boys (men?) fall in love with me, yet in between I never think I'm lovable. I've only fallen in love with one boy.
I often skip when I am walking to work.
I love daisies. I saw some in November once, it had already snowed twice and the winds had been unbearable, but there was a patch of daisies, holding strong. They look little and dainty, but they can survive anything.
I don't just read books, I devour them. I cannot set them down until they are finished, and when I have to I keep them nearby so I can sneak peeks at them at any free moment.
I have a problem with planning my wedding... no man in sight, yet I have planned my wedding three times over. I blame SIL and my cousin Kitty, they had me helping them plan their weddings so of course I was going to save the ideas I liked but they didn't use... so now I have millions of them.
I chew the right side of my cheek when I'm thinking about something important. My mother, my grandmother, and my female cousins all do the same.
I grew up barefoot. I spent my summers, and right up to the first snowfall, or until my mother noticed, running around the fields and woods without any shoes. In the summers I try to do the same. Although difficult when living in the city, I try to spend a majority of the summer in the country to let my feet be free!
I have been to an equal amount of countries as I have states - 9. Awesome for countries, pathetic for states.
My fingers are double jointed.
I absolutely cannot shimmy - I blame my plump rear end.
I am a hopeless romantic. Always have been, always will be. I want to swoon.

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