Friday, April 29, 2011

Annie at 14, she's a poet

I found this in a journal I had to write for my freshman English class, when I was fourteen. I have been digging through old boxes and deep into closets getting ready for my move, it's amazing how many bits and pieces of my life I have left behind in my parents' house, after all this time.
I was surprised to find a poem, I even had to google it because I didn't believe I wrote it. I was always bad at writing poems... I still am. This is just half a poem, but it kind of gave me flutters.

The love of the young is a precious thing
It's innocent and sweet like a doves white wing
The small romances that come from imagination
Take form and spring from all creation

The funny thing in, the only love I knew was my crush on my brother's best friend, six years my senior. Quite the *imagination*. 

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