Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blog Love

The beautiful lady from Everyday Love awarded me with this little thing...

Which I just think is so fun! Thank you for thinking of me! Have you seen her blog? Check her out, she's a cutie! 
The award comes with a hitch though, and I have to provide everyone with seven details about me... So why not? Here's some easy reading for your Saturday...

I am obsessed with sudoku. Everytime I'm in an airport I pick up a book of puzzles.
When I move to Austin I plan to get a kitten and name him Bingley.
The last time a guy bought me a drink he was in his sixties, he kept admiring my nails and telling me how beautiful my smile was.
I make wishlists on online shopping sites but never actually make purchases, it’s my own type of retail therapy.
My mom traveled to the Taj Mahal by herself when she was 21 years old. She hiked through Nepal and India to get to my dad who was in the Peace Corp building bridges in the foothills of Nepal, it’s the coolest fact about them ever.
I believe in fate and in miracles.
I make decisions very quickly, because when I know what I want to do something, I start doing it right away.

So there's a little more about me.
Tell me one random fact about you! Please?


  1. haha great post as usual girl ;) I always make wish lists and online shopping sites as well but I rarely make the purchase- I figure if I really do like it I'll go to the store and find it and purchase it there- otherwise it's not for me ;)

  2. umm...I can't eat mushrooms because I know they're a fungus. like, I can't even think about tasting them. for all I know they could be delicious.


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