Sunday, April 10, 2011

**Guest Post** SailingBo

 I am finally back in Copenhagen, happy to be snuggled in my old bed, looking out on my old city, enjoying the sunshine, the cafes, listening to the Danish surrounding me, and most of all, chattering away with my niece! 
Bo from Sailing Bo, on life and boats, has agreed to guest post for me. I just recently "met" Bo and instantly he has become one of my favorite bloggers. He inspires me by his look on life. So I am very excited to feature him today! Please check him out!! 
Without further ado...  
Guest Post: Practical jokes & the first date accomplice.
Back when I was in college I kept my sailboat at Lake Lanier, about an hour’s drive away.

As much of a chick magnet you may think a normalish college junior with his own sailboat (like myself) would be, for some reason that wasn't my experience.

But, there was this one girl.

She'd heard that I had a boat and asked me to take her sailing. I'd scheduled a trip for my parents and one of their friends from church to go sailing that weekend. I mentioned it to girl in passing, thinking she would politely decline.

She didn't. Awkward.

So there we were on our first date of sorts, driving up to spend the afternoon with my folks. On the way to the lake we stopped by Subway for lunch. Standing at the cash register, I realized I’d left my wallet at home. Awesome.

Once we finally got to the boat, I ate the sandwich she'd bought & tried to salvage a shred of dignity.

About the time my parents get to the parking log & start walking down the dock, Girl leans over the back of the boat, looks at the stern & embarrassingly asks "Is <em>that</em> the name of your boat!?!"

"Huh? I haven't named it yet..." As I turned around to look, I immediately knew what happened. I had made the mistake of showing my boss where the boat lived, and he had taken it upon himself to do the naming for me.

In great big black vinyl letters, the words "Blow Me" were pasted on the white fiberglass.

As my parents were walking down the dock, I quietly told Girl what had happened & explained that we couldn’t let my parents & their friend find out.

There was a close call when their friend made a move towards the back as she asked "what'd you name the boat?" Girl masterfully moved between her and the stern as she explained it remained unnamed.

There was another close call when another boat rode up behind us, read the words, smiled & gave me a thumbs up. Girl saw the look on my face & pointed towards the front of the boat to distract the 'rents.

We could barely hold our laughter until after my Dad paid for the gas for our return trip home.

Her performance that day earned her another few trips to the lake, but our future was doomed. All that's left of our relationship is this secret memory.

My folks never did figure out what was really happening that day on the boat. And I’m hoping that’s the way it stays.


Bo recently quit his job and moved aboard a sailboat in Orange Beach, Alabama. He is currently throwing ideas at a wall hoping one sticks long enough to fund a sailing trip around the world. He writes about life and boats and stuff over at Follow him on Twitter @SailingBo.

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