Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sitting in a coffee shop

I wrote this in my little notebook during my vacation... my notebook collected a lot of silly things while on planes and in between planes... I shouldn't be left to myself, my mind goes in all directions... but this one was a bit normal...

Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to be. You can get lost in a coffee shop, you lose yourself. You can just escape from life and drown in the sounds - the music, the chattering, the coffee grinding, milk steaming. Beautiful sounds.
In college coffee shops were the only place I could get work done. No one could understand it. They needed the quiet of a library or their own homes. But quiet distracts me, and I can find anything to distract me at home. I need the bustle, the sound. And coffee shops have that charge in the air of "let's get things done!"
I love to just come and read or write. When I need to get out of my house, to just have "me time," I go to coffee shops. They just make me feel better. I write, I read, I people watch, and I drink delicious coffee.
My home town doesn't have any sort of coffee shop, sure we have a Dunkin Donuts (which I despise) and a bagel shop that is open in the morning, but no place to just grab a cup of coffee and sit, read, relax. I guess in an area with such a tiny population, a farming town where we work from dawn to dusk, and then some - a place where we do not have the leisure time to just sit and have coffee, a shop wouldn't do well. Shame.

In this little coffee shop, there is a man to my left playing is electric guitar. It isn't plugged in, but it still makes an interesting sound. At his table a college girl is quickly finishing some school work before she has to dash to class. Next to her a man with nice shoes and unkempt hair is working on a complex math problem on a scrap of paper. The man sitting across from me looks very concerned, working on his Macbook. I'm sitting, writing. My little roller suitcase is perched next to me, waiting to be toted around the city, and finally to Austin. We're all here, sitting in close proximity. All so different, but sharing a space, coffee, and the sounds that I love.

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  1. Love this. I'm the exact same way! If I want to procrastinate & play on the internet all day, I stay at home. When I have real work to do, I go straight to the nearest coffee shop, even if it's almost an hour away.


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