Monday, April 25, 2011

*Guest Post* Kelsey from Harbor Cottage

Hello! I'm finally home but my life is absolutely insane! Kelsey was so wonderful to write a guest post for me, but when I tried to upload it in Denmark my computer gave me such a difficult time I finally gave up. Good thing, because now I have something to post while I get my life back together in Vermont! 
I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter! Mine was full of family and blessings! 

Hi! I'm Kelsey and I run the show over at Harbor Cottage. It's my little second home that lives inside my Mac. It's a place where the hubs gets no say on where we're hanging this or when we're cleaning up that. It's a pretty sweet deal so you should come check it out!

So... I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about what to write for Annie while she is away in a place I seriously looked up on Google (I can't believe I just revealed that to all of you). So while Annie is somewhere between Germany and Norway I am blogging for her in between my cat and my husband, right where I like to be. 


I am one of those people who spends half of my work day planning entire vacations and scheduling flights right to the point before it's time to plug in a credit card number before I decide that what's in our bank account just doesn't justify a vacation right now. Not that we're not doing OK. I'm just really close with my money. We're good friends so it's hard to say goodbye. You know? 

In the 9 1/2 years that the hubs and I have been together we've only been to Hawaii. We spent 10 days in the sand and it was glorious and I can't say that I would mind getting another perfect tan on Oahu.


Since we skimp on large vacations we sometimes take mini vacations. We like to take weekenders to my grandparents' cabin where we hike Yosemite and spend hours at the lake... and we've been down to Southern California three times. But... it's just not enough for us. 

I think that some people are content with NEVER traveling. I used to think I was one of those people who would go to school, come out with a degree, buy a home and have six kids. Now I'm thinking it might be pretty sweet to finish school and spend a year traveling anywhere and everywhere that we want and are able. And while that may mean that a down payment on a home gets spent across country... I think I might be OK with it. 

Money's just money no matter how hard it is to say goodbye. 
And there's my life lesson for today dearies. 

So... since none of you know who I am I'll tell you the top 16+ places we want to visit right this moment:

Denver, Colorado
Oahu, Hawaii
Aetna, California
Washington D.C.
Philadelphia, Pennsyvania
Miami, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
New York City, New York
London, England
Florence, Italy
Dublin, Ireland
The Grand Canyon
Niagara Falls
Each and every National Park in America

and all the good places in between.
Who wants to pack us in their suitcases?


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  1. woo woo! Thanks for featuring me! I feel so special! p.s. I owe you a letter things have been CRAZY around here. I promise to write SOON.


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