Monday, April 4, 2011

Free* Stuff... just tell everyone how much you love it!

Yesterday I got an email from a company asking me if I wanted to try out their product for free and blog and tweet about my experience with it. The first thing I thought was, ha, they've got the wrong girl. Didn't they see I only have 26 followers? They probably wrote to everyone on, and do I want to give in to someone who is that desperate? Also it is something I would never use. Why couldn't someone contact me with something I need?
This got me thinking. If it was something I've always wanted to try and I know they are not desperate because all of a sudden I have a thousand followers... would I give in then? Would I accept their product and then bombard my readers with my reviews of it? I feel like that is selling out. But hey, free stuff is free stuff and I'm living on a verrry tight budget.
So the conclusion, it would have to be really good. How good? Well, the only thing I can think of is if God wanted to give me something to review, like a free miracle.
So I said to him
*this conversation may not have happened...
"Hey God, if You want to throw me a free miracle or something, I will blog and tweet about it. THINK of all the followers You would get! I don't know God, I think I'm really on to something here... It would have to be something specific to me, because if it's a big miracle everyone can blog about it, and that defeats the purpose don't you think."
This is where God rolls His eyes.
"You could send me a husband!"
"A husband? That's not a miracle."
"Well, my mom thinks it would be a miracle... You could send me a man who is tall and strong. Handsome. With a good sense of humor. A guy who likes to break out in song randomly. One who doesn't mind going to a musical now and then. One who loves my family, who doesn't mind getting his feet dirty. One who could be comfortable in the country and in the city. A man who is reliable, who will love me unconditionally. A man I could trust. Now that would be a miracle!"
"I think we have bigger issues here than giving away free stuff for a review."
Sigh, God's always right. But I promise I would write a good review!
Maybe he could just make it spring RIGHT NOW? I'm over the snow. It's April, you know.


  1. ahh do it girl :) that's so cool! i can't wait to hear about it! xo ps you're fabulous- and even though i'm so over snow- thank god it's APRIL! xo have a great monday love!

  2. so you didn't do it. Wow. you're bold.

  3. sigh, i didn't. But it's because it was something that I just never wanted to try anyway. Even if it is free. If something else comes along that is super neat, I might do that. But it's going to have to be miracle husband caliber.


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