Saturday, March 19, 2011

The AMAZING B5 and his Sister (hey, that's me!)

Almost all of my conversations with B5 are about how accomplished he is. It is very well known in the family that he is the most successful, worldly, smart, handsome, respectable. Except in our family, we don't care. Well, my mom cares, B5 is amaaaazing. But us "children" are all about who has the most fun (right now no one is winning because we're all super fun beings).
But the point of this post is B5 thinks he's the top, in fact I bet he sings that song to himself all the time. Not only is he the top, but all of his friends are too. He surrounds himself with friends from Yale, Harvard, and Brown and always talks about how smart they are and how they are going to become President and Astronauts and stuff.

Being his sister - and the absolute complete opposite of him, I surround myself with musicians and writers and aimless world wanderers - I feel the need to bring him down to earth. To my level. So  sometimes, no matter what he says, I dumb it down.
Our last phone conversation:

"I went to my interview with (I don't know, some important tech-y, nerdy, boring place) and I'm pretty sure I got it. I was talking to the Vice President and he was really impressed with my resume and my work in Kenya. And my friend Meredith, she's a sophomore, and she just got offered a job at Microsoft."
"Cool. I'm really proud of you! (because I really am!)  finished an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's today."
"Uh... that's great Annie. So, um, what are your plans? How long are you staying at Mom and Dad's?"
"I'm moving to Texas."
"What? Why?"
"Because I'm awesome. My new life plan is to be awesome. Heyyy look at that, life plan ACCOMPLISHED."
There is silence on the other end as my little brother wonders how on earth we could be related.
"Um, great. Any other plans?"
"Yep, I'm going to date a musician and he is going to write a song about me. And then I'm going to break up with him. And then that song that he wrote is going to be his *big* song and he'll get all famous and I'll be like, hey, he wrote that song about me."
"Those are your plans?"
"I'm reaching for the stars B."
Then I change the subject to talking about all the awesome wine that I consumed that week. Because I love wine. And because until he turned 21 (last month), B5 was completely against drinking. And it still kind of bothers him how much I drink. So I talk about it. A lot.
To which he replies - word for word - "When I tell my friends about you, they don't believe me."
WIN! (haha I typed WINE first).
And then I squeal, "Oh my gosh you talk about me?!"

Finally he sighs and asks to talk to my mom. To which I reply "Catch you on the flip side, home dawg. Remember, Jesus loves me, and you should too."


  1. haha- sometimes we can be so so different from our siblings, right? I think that's what keeps life interesting. Because we have to keep loving them, and them us. I'm more of a "do what makes you happy" type of gal. I clicked over from 20sb, glad to find your blog!

  2. I hear ya on being different from your siblings! Though in my case I'm probably more like your brother and my sisters are the more, err, "fun" ones? :)

  3. Hahaha I guess I better clarify that B5 is still fun! We're just different kinds of fun, although we find a lot of similar things to laugh about!

    Thanks for all the comments!


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