Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting excited...

I have just booked a plane ticket to return to Copenhagen! I am beside myself with excitement, a little over a month from now I will be back in Europe (god I miss you) snuggling with my two favorite people in the world. Well, my favorite person in the world, and meeting Bitty Baby who I am sure will quickly become my second favorite person in the world. I'm talking about my nieces. And if you have been reading me, you know how important Clara is to me, and how Bitty Baby is about four weeks old. I've said "Hello" to her via facetime and skype, and I am positive she is beginning to recognize me and has already decided I'm her favorite Auntie ever.
I called B1 to let him know the tickets were purchased and he had to pick me up at the airport at 12:45 on Saturday the 9th. He told Clara and I could hear her yelling "yayy!" and asking if they could go to the airport right this instant to pick me up. Gosh that girl melts my heart!

The only drawback to my excitement is I need to return to the land of Facebook because I'm an idiot and didn't get any email addresses for my friends in Copenhagen and all of their numbers were on my Copenhagen phone which has been wiped clean for E's use. Silly. So I must return and request their contact information, and then I'm sure I'll get hooked reading up on everything I missed in the three weeks since I made my goodbyes and I'll never get off again. So I am putting off signing back on until I absolutely have to let them know when I am coming.

With that small drawback I am so completely absolutely ridiculously giddy about my future, which looks like this:
March: continue living the life of a nun, stop getting Thai food, go to the yoga studio I have already payed for rather than the one that I like, and pretend I'm a student so I can go to the climbing wall for free. Translation: SPENDING FREEZE!
April: Polishing off my halo and heading to church to be the best confirmation sponsor for my 16 year old sister (from here on referred to as Bear) there ever was, and a day later... COPENHAGEN! complete with baby snuggling, grabbing coffiee with Gerda (my favorite Latvian), spending two days with my favorite Parisian Nee, and of course going to Tivoli with Clara! Gaahh the excitement!
May: Celebrating Sie's graduation (you go girl!) and then moving to TEXAS!

Life = amazing

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