Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is sight important? Texas Festivals and oh, I like ice cream.

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor again because I absolutely stink at putting contacts in and they itch to the point where I'm screaming to rip my eyes out of me PLEASE. But also I am super stubborn and WANT to wear contacts so I can show off my pretty green eyes (hello modesty) and rock over sized sunnies and wear an obscene amount of mascara on occasion. These are things I cannot do with my little spectacles.
I just realized, you may have noticed in ALL of my pictures I have posted I am not wearing my glasses. That doesn't mean I'm wearing contacts. Oh no, I just decide that it is totally okay to not see for a little bit (or entire night). I don't do it when I'm driving or anything. But I must confess I biked once when I forgot to put my glasses in my clutch in Copenhagen. Liiiitle bit scary. I don't recommend it. But yes, I don't like to wear my glasses because I think I'm much prettier without them. My mother disagrees, that's because she's my mother.I'm getting contacts anyway!
The last time I was at the eye doctor (last week), I was loudly bragging about my move to Austin. Well not really, but sort of. My oldest friend, Winnie, works there so I was telling her that I was moving. I always get so nervous about telling my hometown friends I'm leaving because they yell at me every time. "What?? But you just got back!" So I tried to make it sound like it was the best thing possible that I was moving 2,000 miles away (which it is!). Another woman who worked in the office overheard me and popped up.
"You're moving to Texas?? When are you coming in next? I have something for you! I'll bring it in to Winnie and she can give it to you!" That's something I love about small towns. I don't know this woman at all, but she is jumping up to give me something, just because.
This "something" is a package she got in the mail randomly - a guide to Texas. It has a map and a couple booklets that outline everything you need to know (ish) about every town in Texas. I wanted to gobble it up I loved it so much.
Madic returned from Seattle yesterday so he came over to catch up, which included him asking me what I did while he was gone for eight days...and all I could tell him was I discovered "A Very Potter Musical" on youtube and now have 20 Google followers (which dropped to 19 today... I'm sorry... I'll miss you!). Gosh my life is so exciting. HIS life is for real exciting and he had a lovely trip with his girly friend and they did many a lovely, artsy, fun thing.
After I was once again reminded how boring my life is, I pulled out my little package of Texas goodies and we perused. And - OH MY GOSH - do you know how many festivals there are in Texas?? I mean, we all know about SXSW, but there are like eleventy million others!! (please note that I turn into a six year old when I am excited). So I am adding that to my life list - which is going to have to not be called "30 before 30" and should be called "eleventy before babies" because there are just so many amazing things I want to do, and I don't want it to be before I die, because I want the pressure to get it done NOW! And I can't put an age on that, so babies arriving it is. And then I'll make a new list of awesome things to expose my babies to. (And mommy get-a-ways too).
My favorite sounding festival (cause I haven't looked all of them up yet) is the Texas Reds - Steak and Grape - Festival. Um, hi, let's be friends forever. My mouth is watering already. A festival dedicated to steak and wine! Is it October yet?
There are so many crazy festivals, all year long. There's also a BBQ goat cook off, World's Largest Rattlesnake Round-up, Wild Hog Explosion, and so so so much more! You should see me, I am giggling hysterically with excitement! My skin cells are excited!
You know what Vermont has? Well, we used to have a Ben and Jerry's festival - but New York took it from us. NEW YORK. What do they know about Ben and Jerry's? (Speaking of Ben and Jerry's, I'm extremely upset I'm missing free cone day while I'm in Copenhagen, so you all better get an extra free cone for me!)

Oh, hey, look at that, this post is all over the place! Much like my life.
Do you have festivals in your city? Tell me all about them because they are my new favorite thing!
And what free cone will you be getting on April 12th?


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  2. Vermont has...skiing? Haha that's the only thing I ever did up there :)

    I want to go to Texas!

  3. haha, yeah, we definitely have skiing, but I'm talking about festivals... actually, my ski mountain (i say mine because it is literally outside my door) is having a maple festival this weekend... sugar on snow - here i come!

  4. ahhh i LOVE vermont- we used to have a cabin up there a long time ago when i was a kid and go to the b*j factory! nom nom nom! have a fabulous friday my dear!


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