Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dearest ___________,

I received my first letter from Kelsey the other day and I loved everything about it. I loved that I got something in the mail that had nothing to do with student loans or medical bills. I loved that she stamped it with "Special Delivery for..." I loved that she wrote on the back of the envelope "From California to Vermont #1," I loved everything she wrote, and I love that I can write her back!
I love writing letters in general. In my busy, crazy life where my awake hours are all over the place (because I'm staying up all night with the twins), and my friends live all over the world, letters seem to be the easiest way to communicate. The funny thing is, I just figured this out.
It took weeks of phone tag, quick text messages, one line hellos on facebook, and me bursting at the seams to be able to catch a time to talk to my friends, for me to finally sit down and write it all out. And ever since, I have actually been happier.
It started with Panda when I took my five weeks off of facebook. Getting a hold of her was brutal. She was either in class or working diligently on her thesis, or I was at work or sleeping. It had been so long since we had spoken to each other and I just needed to communicate with her. Do you ever feel that way? Do you feel an intense pull to know that your best friend understands what you are going through, and to know what is going on with her? So finally, I e-mailed her.
It's funny what comes out in an email. We ended up telling each other more than we ever would in a phone call. We delved a little deeper than normal and just wrote out everything we were feeling. We've been emailing for a couple weeks now. Not every day, but when we get the chance. It feels so good to hear from her, and every time I finish a letter to her, I feel a great sense of relief. 
Although talking face to face, or even on the phone, is something wonderful, I think that writing letters is a beautiful form of communication. You are able to say exactly what you want to say. You can take the time to think over your words. Another example of letters being better is Penn. After his phone call the other night, he wrote me an email. I think it was because he knows of my utter infatuation with Jane Austen, I have mentioned how romantic everyone was back then, communicating solely with letters.
He also wrote because it was easier than stumbling over his words on the phone. He was nervous about what he had to say, and this way he could take his time in saying it. The result was something beautiful.
I am so happy I have rediscovered letter writing, and hope that you, too, decide to pick it up. You'll be surprised by how much it can change you.

Do you write letters? Do you have a pen pal? Tell me all about it!
Do you want to e-mail me? You absolutely can!
I promise to write back!


  1. I think it's so awesome that you have a pen pal! I've recently started writing letters a little more often, but I still wish I did it more.

    There's nothing in the world better than opening up the mail to see a real life letter addressed to you!

  2. I'm trying to write more, too. It seems when you put down your thoughts for people, it seems to resonate with them longer.

  3. I love getting personal e-mails and snail mail! Anything that doesn't want me to give them money is a-ok by me!

  4. I love this. Letter-writing needs to make a resurgence stat. And involve stickers.

  5. I have a few friends that I email with :) I know everyone loves getting mail but it's so hard to find the time to sit down and hand write a letter!

  6. I love getting letters/emails! People don't communicate like that nearly enough anymore! I just signed up for a couple penpal things and postcrossing. But I'm just getting into writing letters more.


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