Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrating St Patrick's Day with Flowers!

My grandmother has been helping me learn the basics of flower arranging. I have been making bouquets and filling my house and workspace with vases full of pretty (or at least I hope they are!) arrangements. Because of this I was asked to do the St. Patrick's Day arrangements for the restaurant.
I made fourteen small arrangements for the tables (two pictured here) and a bigger one with the extra flowers for the desk I work at.
So here's a little St Patrick's Day/Spring for you!

I wish I had a better place to take this picture, probably could have brought it out to the dining room - but this is one of the arrangements for the tables at the restaurant

Spring/St Patrick's Day arrangement for the front desk - to provide me with a little spring happiness!

A little more spring for our sitting room - not green, just springy!

Another arrangement for the dining room - Happy St Patrick's Day!


  1. SO PRETTY :) how gorgeous are those girl! xo great job!

  2. I wish I were more creatively inclined because these are beautiful. I'd carry one around so people wouldn't pinch me. -_-


  3. Wow love the flowers. Just stumbled across your blog on 20sb.

  4. These are lovely! I especially love the pink and white roses. I wish I remembered to buy flowers more often!


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