Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You are my favorite

Favorite Things

{1} food: anything with curry or coconut – Indian and Thai, I die :)

{2} color: purple and green

{3} animal: elephants

{4} sports team: Red Sox 

{5} dessert: strawberry rhubarb pie

{6} artist/singer/band: Ingrid Michaelson

{7} pair of shoes: my cowgirl boots :)

{8} outfit: for this time of year: leggings, long green blouse, long sweater, and my camel knee high boots

{9} store: the Loft

{10} brand: … I don’t have one?

{11} perfume: Gucci envy (from 5 years ago, they don’t make it the same anymore…)

{12} accessory: my peacock hair clip

{13} city: LONDON

{14} hobby: reading, writing… beginning to get into rock climbing… at the moment I spend all my time researching Austin

{15} beauty product: warmth – bare essentials

{16} snack: chips and hummus or cheese and (gluten free) crackers and green grapes

{17} holiday: Easter – the only holiday the entire family is together and the Inn is closed!

{18} movie: Princess Bride

{19} song: Lovers Waltz A.A. Bondy or The Call, Regina Spektor

{20} guilty pleasure: Wedding TV shows 

*Idea from Cait's favorite things


  1. wedding tv shows = SO true! ;)

  2. i also love the red sox, and elephants, and ingrid...and many more of these things! thanks for sharing your favorite things :)

  3. YES RED SOX! <3

    Also I am on a HUGE hummus kick lately. I've eaten it for lunch (with pita chips) nearly every day for weeks now.



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