Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wine and other things of importance. Wait, what other things are as important as wine?

What the hell is this? here's the description "If you talk with your hands a lot, you will never have to worry about soaking your date or fellow party guest again. This silicone sling leaves your hands free for all kinds of gestures and activities."
Yeah, and you're going to look like an asshat and your date will leave you anyway. 

Also SIL is a genius, she turned a really weird wedding present of a giant bag of rice into a way to get wine. Except maybe she isn't a complete genius because she ordered three pounds of green peppers from peapod, and that is like 20 or more green peppers. For two people. So she made stuffed peppers with the giant bag of rice and invited people for a "dinner party" provided they bring the wine.

And now I absolutely want a bag of rice for a wedding present. Actually, a housewarming present, because I know I'm going to have to go to the soup kitchen when I move to Texas.
Do you think they'll accommodate my gluten allergy?
Also, do they serve wine at soup kitchens?

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